Shattered Rainbows (pt 6) Bad Day Challenge

If that was the ultimate closing of the letter, then I wouldn’t have burst out into tears. But the last two sentences were the most defining part of the whole message, as well as the part that broke my heart. It read:
P.S. – I don’t know how to say this, but I don’t think I’m coming back to St. Anges next year. I want to stay in touch and do things together, no matter where I go to school.

For a moment, I stopped breathing. Tears trickled down my face nonstop. The last time I had been so shocked was when I found out that my grandpa died. I realized once and for all with monrose and penetrating sorrow just how cruel life can be. I lost January, just as I had lost two of my other friends who had gone to St. Agnes. Except, this time, Julie had the ultimate say. She chose to leave the school she went to forever. She had been accepted into a lottery school called Oscar’s that was meant to be more academically challenging. How could she do something so inexplicable haunting?

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