Shattered Rainbows (pt 9) Bad Day Challenge

“She was the one who taught me what forever meant!” I shouted. Whenever I heard someone say, “Life’s not fair,” I never believed that I would someday have to take so many blows as to acquire that knoweledge so sharply and thoroughly.
Well, it didn’t end there. Of course, another letter came in the mail today. It regarded academics, but in a different way than Julie’s letter had. It was from my school, St. Agnes, and it informed me that it would be best if I stayed in the regular math program for 8th grade, instead of taking advanced math. I wonder if my friends decided to take advanced math. Did my math teacher even know that I wanted to be in Math A? I had learned so much this year, and it would be such an honor if I could… it doesn’t matter. I tried to put it out of my mind, for I knew that I couldn’t deal with it today.
Not after everything else that I had gone through.

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