She was counting on a meal to settle their nerves—a distraction over which they could both ease back into the idea of intimacy. A precursor for courtesy’s sake.

Apparently, it was not her day.

After an awkward drive through the blooming countryside, they stood, facing each other, in what was not so long ago “their” bedroom. She tried to ignore the clutter and dust which mocked her absence in the space. She also tried to ignore the insistent stares Aaron shot her way.

Minutes passed.

She pretended like they hadn’t.

“Ready?” she chirped.

Aaron nodded, happy she finally understood what he had been waiting for. He closed his eyes and drew in a big gulp of air—savoring the breath.

Sarah, growing restless in her own right, reached for her purse. “Where to?”

He smiled. And pointed at the unmade bed in the middle of the room.

“Oh!” More like Oh Shit, she thought. I didn’t mean to react like that.

But not knowing how else to handle the situation, she continued…

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