Shattered Rainbows (pt 13) Bad Day Challenge

Maybe I am crazy and melodramatic, but I can still identify with myself and others.

I fervantly, intently, and considerably quickly wrote back to Julie today.
I remember in my long letter, one thing I recall writing was, “you are an angel, and now it is time to spread your wings.”

I can believe the first part of the statement, and perhaps someday the second part will hold the same meaning for me as it may for Julie.
She should not let anything keep her from flying, but I really, really, wish/don’t believe that she should leave St. Agnes.

In the past, crazy things have led to wonderful and astounding innovations. So I believe that in Julie’s case, a multitude of possibilities are capable of happening.
She could find a cure for cancer or…or simply move on. But I hope that she will not forget her memories.

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