Dichotomy of Color Choice {or, The Red and Black Box of *DEATH*}

I am normally a very happy person.

As such, I am very drawn to the bright, airy colors associated with this site, contrasted with the black outlines.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like darker colors. It is quite the contrary; my favorite color is the color of a clear sky a little while after sunset. That really dark navy blue. I am also a fan of deep reds. Black? Black just goes with anything.

However, it is the combination of colors that can drive me crazy.

Take the banner up there, for instance.

I’m used to seeing the cheerful yellow, white, & black of the Ficlets logo & toolbar. But now there’s that red and black herald of Ficlets’ doom, in two colors most people associate with demise, despair, & death.

I like to call it The Red and Black Box of DEATH . The last word must be emphasized like that.


Because it sounds good.

I scroll down so I don’t have to look at it. But covering a hole with plywood doesn’t make it less of a hole.

They could’ve at least chosen better colors.

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