The AU-4

The robot came to life in a bright flash of light, unfurling metallic legs from its underbelly and advancing on all fours. Resembling an enormous metallic spider, it ambled toward me until Ian raised his right hand in the air. He made a slicing gesture and it surged forward, swatting its metallic paw inches from my face. I turned away in surprise, falling to the ground to avoid being pulverized.

“The AU-4 is the consummate foot soldier. I control his movements through hand gestures, wireless data connectivity, and thoughts focused into global consciousness.”

“Yes,” I said, stepping back to get a better look. It stood silent and ready for battle, the 3 eyes atop it’s head flashing like some terrible toy. A long cylinder hung over it’s thorax like an oversized stinger.

Ian gave the order and the AU-4 marched to the woods. As it was about to disappear through the trees, it turned back and said, “The frailty of human life is a flaw you will soon transcend. Be grateful for the blessing of power we offer you.”

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