Derelict Ballroom

Music streaming
Courtly dancing
The rhythm so intoxicating
As the poison of the viper scaled
That fills my acrid dreams.
Where turrets claw the sky
Like hands at last unchained
Grazing the Echo of shrill, high cries
Enveloping swaths of violet clouds
In frothing bloodied skies.
The lights of crystal chandeliers
Shed a delicate glow
Through the swags of dust and Spanish moss
That long have on them grown.
Mirrors on the ceiling
Have collected memories past
Of the granduer of the gracious ballroom
From the first until the last…
‘Please, I pray you,’
From a distant hill he begs
‘Show your face
And I’ll be still
If only I know for sure.’
But as the horizon yawns
A sailor’s warning
Through a dirty window pane,
She does not show her lost fair stare
Or touch him once again.
Words flow like essence through the quill
Onto the page.
Unneeded is ink
For a letter written by the heart.
Velvet sleeps
Eyes folded shut
In a wardrobe long untouched
But for caress of ghostly fingers.

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