How you love me now?

“Oh, well I can say what happened!â€? Krissy immediately spoke up.

“Kristina dear? Oh my, what happened to you eye?â€? The teacher asked worriedly

“Well, you see I was just walking to my locker so I could get early to class, but as I was walking, Fay here shoved me against the lockers and then when I got up, she punched me in the eye.â€?

“ was …â€?Anne started.

Then I saw Craig whisper to her “But what about our date?â€?

Wow,that fast..what did they do?

“Laterâ€? Anne mouthed.

I saw him lose hope and sigh dramatically.

“Uh..Mrs. Dickinshkyâ€? Ha, loved that name “It was all by accident, I meant no harm to Krissyâ€? I said sweetly

“Then how do you explain the black eye?â€? She questioned.

“You see..well that’s a funny story, see I was walking and then you see…um..I lost balance and my hand smacked against Krissy’s face..see, my hand is covered with all the makeup she wears…â€?I said.

Anne snickered.

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