Gone Missing

My classmates started mumbling to themselves then, asking questions that no one could answer. We all went outside and watched as they loaded Elli into the ambulance. By this time the rest of the school had heard about the incident, and was out there watching with us. But soon we filed back into the classrooms, wondering what would become of our friend.
Since there was about thirty seconds left of class, Mr. Rivera had us pack up our instruments for the day.
“Practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, but it’ll make you a heck of a lot better,” he told us. “So, uh…practice.” he usually had a much better line to close class with. Today though, no one was in the mood for laughing. We still had two classes after this.
That’s when the phone rang. Mr. Rivira picked it up, and we all watched as a look of shock, confusion, and horror spread across his face. He hung up without saying a word. Then, after a moment of recovery, looked at us-and our confusion- said, “Elli seems to have…disappeared.”

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