One of Us

“What do you mean disappeared?” I asked. “How do you disappear from inside an ambulance? There’s nowhere to go!” I did my best to sound confused, but on the inside I was panicking. You couldn’t disappear from an ambulance. Elli was never on the ambulance at all. There was only one explanation, but I refused to accept it. She couldn’t be…. The bell rang, and I shot out of the room, leaving my prattling classmates behind. Was she really one of us? I had to find Griffin. Maybe he would know more…
“Griffin!” I shouted when I saw him in the hallway. He looked over his shoulder and, when he saw the frantic look on my face, started walking swiftly toward me.
“What’s wrong, Amber?” he asked, concern etched on his handsome face.
“Elli…she…she was…”
“I know what happened. Now, what about Elli?” he wondered.
“She’s gone missing. Missing from an ambulance, Griffin! Do you think she could be…?” I heaved a sigh of relief as I watched the realization spread across his face. He understood.

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