It's dangerous business walking out your front door

“So are we going to pick up Craig and Anne on the way?” I asked.

“Ya, this is Craig’s house.” Jake said stopping infront of a …Big ass house.

“Woah” I simply said. It was huge, the lawn itself seemed to cover more distance then my own home, there was a walkway that bisected into to paths that lead to the front porch. The front of the house was held by white columns and on the walkway was a huge water fountain. A ..well exposed child that threw up water from its mouth..

“Ya..he’s really rich, his parents are like the owners of some big corporation.

“Oh” I said.

Jake honked the horn and then 2 figures emerged from the big ass door..

Oh, Anne was already here? Who was she trying to kid? This is so not her, she never does this to any guy, its like patrionizing..She has to have some reason to come cars?

No, she wasn’t that low..but still, it baffled me how she got attached to Craig already when she never took an interest into guys before.

What could she be hiding?

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