“Elli!” I hissed. “What are you doing? What just happened?” So my assumptions were right. This was not going to be easy…I looked up at Griffin, expecting him to back me up, but he kept silent, a look of pure disbelief evident on his face. I elbowed him.
“How long have you known?”he asked quietly, and Elli smiled sheepishly.
“About a month,” she said. Oh, God, she’d been like this for a month! Anything could have happened….
“What?!” Griffin bellowed. I shushed him, not wanting to attract attention to an already suspicious situation.
“Did you say anything? To anyone at all?” I asked, trying to stay calm. Elli just shook her head. Good. That was good.
“A month,” Griffin said. “So by now you know what you can do. Right?” She nodded.
“Well? Are you going to tell us?” I said impatiently.
“Okay,” she whispered. “I can turn invisible if I’m really still for awhile. And I can become a shadow. I can attatch myself to other people’s shadow. I’ve been your shadow a couple times.”

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