New kid

“What do you mean you’ve been my shadow?” I asked, confused. Then reality and realization kicked in at the same time. I took a step toward her, and she took a step back.
“Are you saying you know about-”
“Yes.” she said simply. “I know you two are secretly together. Don’t worry I won’t tell!” Ugh. This was a disaster.
“Now, are you going to let me finish telling you about my…powers, or whatever you want to call them?” Griffin and I just waited. “I have wings!” she said proudly.
“Is that it?” Griffin asked.
“We ALL have wings, you idiot!” he was raising his voice now.
“Shh!!!” I looked at the houses surrounding us. Luckily I didn’t see anyone looking curiously out their window.
“Look,” he said, softly this time. “You’re not as free as you think you are. Our power is not for pranks. We’re not here to go around doing whatever we please. You’re the new kid now,” he looked over at me and watched the smile spread across my face as I realized what he had just said.

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