“There are rules you’re gonna have to learn. And FOLLOW .” Griffin told Elli, but I wasn’t listening. Elli was the new New Kid. Which means I wasn’t the new kid anymore. At long last, too. I had been the new kid for seven long years. Subject to teasing and taunting beyond imagination simply because there were no new kids to pick on…. Seven long years.
“For now, go home.” I heard Griffin say, and Elli started to walk away.
“Let’s take a walk. Talk to the trees,” I suggested. I knew Griffin was never at ease among our brethren, but he’d have to get used to it. He was our new leader now.
“Fine,” he sighed, so we rean into the forest. Ran until we could no longer see the sunlight filtering through the trees.
“Ready?” I asked, although it wasn’t really a question.
“As I’ll ever be,” he replied. He turned toward me and smiled. I stood up on my toes and our lips met for a brief moment. Then he took my hand, and I smiled as we spread our wings, and launched ourselves up toward the canopy.

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