Same old Blood rush(manwhore series)

“Thanks, I’d like thatâ€? I smiled back

“So…who’s gonna drop me home?â€? kieren broke the moment

“Uh…I willâ€? I offered

“No, you stay here, I’ll goâ€?aydan said, obviously, he was still pissed.

“Okayâ€?I said.
I thought about my cover for being out a …2 in the morning on a Saturday ..well now Sunday morning.

I decided to text my mom, I had 16 texts waiting for me, 7 from my parents.

The message basically was, “Where the hell are you? If your out there..well you know,then we’re disowning youâ€?

I texted my parents back saying I was at the hospital with a really close friend and I forgot to tell them..they couldn’t know who Aydan was, they’d massacre me..they’d belive me..hopefully

They texted me back saying I was grounded for 2 months when I got home, and I didn’t argue.

Thats when Bailey started texting me

She first said she was devastated and all..but she said that she thought it was her I asked her why

y, wht did u do? I texted her



Oh god

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