Tizzy-Enduced Behavior

“Say what now?!” I shrieked. I shot up from the chair, sending it backwards. I edged away from this boy who was supposedly my brother. “How do I know you’re not trying to catch me off guard?”
“Well, it worked rather well, didn’t it?” he asked suavely, caressing the knife. “Usually, revelations like that send the receiver in a tizzy, & your behavior, if I’m not mistaken, is tizzy-enduced behavior.”
I was rooted to the floor, eyes wide and breath short. How does he know?
He approached me, his eyes locked with mine. His eyes were as captivating as his voice; I couldn’t tear my gaze from his.
His mouth turned ever so slightly into a smirk.
“So we’re silent now, aren’t we?” he whispered.
“If you’re going to kill me, do it now.”
His smirk widened.
“Against the wall. Now.” I flew backwards into the wall.
He was lining up to throw the knife.
My face scrunched, bracing for the pain.
I opened an eye. The blade was an inch from my neck.
“I think that there’s something you should know.”

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