Strength in Numbers

Up and up and up. My surroundings were just a blur of green and brown. The last time I had flown was about five years ago, and it felt so good to fly. I had missed it so much. It was the only time I could actually be free. We broke through the canopy like we would if we were diving into a pool. We laughed at how good it felt….Until we heard the silence. Saw the very air around us stand still. So we dropped down onto the treetops and tucked in our wings.
“Hey, everyone.” Griffin said casually. One by one, they started to appear before us. They looked scared.
“I hate this part,” Griffin said to me. “They look at me as if I’ve murdered someone.”
“They’ll get over it.” I assured him. “They always do. They just need time.” He sighed.
“I’m not here to punish anyone. I’m only here to give you guys some news.” That’s when they all appeared at once. It was overwhelming how many there were. I knew when I became a guardian that there were a ton of them, but every time I came here, I was amazed.

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