Her name is Kera

“But first, she must find the sacrid stone we speak of, yes it exists, and she must get to this gem before your reign reaches to her village and she will stop you once and for all.”
Kera awaoke from that horrid dream.
“okay, that was wierd.” She said to herself, as she got out of her bunk.
She got dressed and went to the school house, where her best friends Ana, and Alex, were outside waiting.
“Hey guys, I had the wierdest dream last night.” As Kera retold about the fortune teller and Prisilli, whom they had heard about through out the village about her slowly working her way here as she terrorized the country, and finished with a grin. “Yeah, like I can defeat her!” she said.
Ana and Alex laughed as they walked into the small building. School was short and only had one teacher, there were only so many kids in the small village.

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