“Now, then,” said the doctor, leading the group of medical students into the room. “This patient is a very interesting case.” He pulled the sheet down to the patient’s waist.

A student put up his hand. “Uh, sir…”

The doctor glanced up briefly. “Questions after. Now, then, the first thing you’ll notice is the patient’s extremely pale skin. Obviously an albino.”

“But, doctor,” another student interrupted. “That’s…”

The doctor looked up again, annoyed. “Young lady, you have been told to wait. Please wait.” He turned back to the patient. “Another thing to note is how dry and rough his skin is.”


The doctor ignored the students. “The most interesting symptom is how rigid the patients limbs are.” He grabbed an arm and pushed on it. “No movement in the limbs, no matter how hard…”

“Doctor!” the students all said at once.

“Fine!” the doctor blurted. “You all think you know better than I do. What, exactly, is the patient’s problem?”

The first student pointed at the patient. “He’s a statue, sir.”

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