The All-Knowing Kevin Lawver

“Oy! What’s going on out here?” g2 slid down the mountain to where Mistress Elsha lay on the ground.

Kevin tilted his head. “You’re the one they call Gee-Squared, or the Irish Pianist?”

g2’s eyes went wide. “Dude… you… you’re…” He nodded in confirmation. She fell to her knees, but the white rubber in his hand caught her eye. “Is that what I think it is? And does Elsha have what I think she has?”

“It’s not The Amulet of Ambiguity, if that’s what you mean,” he answered dryly. “But yes, it is what you think it is.” g2’s eyes went wider, if that was at all possible. “I was asking if Mistress Elsha was ‘the prophesied one.’”

“Prophesied one, eh?” g2 mused. “You sense ‘the one’ is here? Among us, so to say?” Kevin nodded. Mistress Elsha looked between The Man & her sworn, now smirking, enemy.

She whistled up the mountain. “Hey everyone! Get down here!” A blob of sillohettes darkened the cave enterance, then began down the mountain.

g2 turned back to Kevin. “You have a prophesy to read.”

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