The Prophesy

Kevin opened THE BOOK . He took his time finding the prophesy. Some writers like to do that, heighten unnecessary suspense.

He read:
A turbulence will arise
Between the sides of the Awesome
The world will come close to splitting
But peace shall come.

“Finally,” Lone Writer sighed.

“Wait!” Orange cried dramatically. “There’s more!”

The largest will parallel the smallest
The smallest of all
Will be the largest of all
He will be the writer of destiny.

Everyone looked to each other, confused.

“Hey!” a small voice cried from the cave. Lil’ Krully came barelling down the mountain. “Wait for me!”

A smile crawled across Fantasy’s face. “I think I got it.” She slowly drew the legendary pen from her pocket, heading up to meet Krulltar’s doppelganger.

“I think I get it too,” John Perkins whispered, terrified.

Lil’ Krully took the pen, a knowing expression on his little face. He opened THE BOOK , beginning to write.

A blinding light enveloped them all.

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