In DC... Finale

A month later…
“Mr. President, looks like things started calming down.”
“I thought that thing would never end.”
“And yet it has.”
“Well then! What, Mr. Bonanafana, happened to end it?”
“From what I understand, Kevin Lawver came to Krulltar’s hideout in the Himalayas, looking for ‘the prophesied one.’”
“Who was it?”
“I’m getting there, Mr. President. Krulltar’s doppleganger, Lil’ Krully, was alluded to in the prophesy and took up Kevin’s Legendary Pen.”
“Then what happened?”
“No one knows what exactly he wrote, but when he was finished, there was a universal disturbance. Then, there was nothing.”
“Yes sir. Nothing. Everything went back to normal.”
“Glad to hear it, Mr. Bonanafana! Now, can you get me today’s paper?”
“Of course, Mr. President.”
He unfurled the newsprint. His eyes widened.
“What is it, Mr. Bonanafana?”
“This: Ficlets Announces Shut-Down in January.”
Their fearful eyes locked, then looked out the window dramatically.

Could literary history repeat itself???

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