Dozens of Dresses

“Hello?”I snap my head up and stare blankly at Willow. We are in the town’s dress shop. Willow had pleaded and begged to come along with me to find the right dress for my wedding coming up very soon.
“What?” I nearly snap.
“How about this one? The neckline is quite nice” She gives an uplifting smile. I’m sure I have a bored and very muddled expression on. “Oh honestly Evy” I flinch “we’ve been here all afternoon, have seen dozens of dresses and you don’t find any of them good enough for you”
I sigh. “It’s not the dress I’m thinking about Willow”
“you mean him” I had already told her everything when I pulled up to her house the night before. She had been a great source of comfort.
“What am I doing?”
She gives me a look of confusion.
“I mean please! I’m marrying a guy I barely know, the one man I ever loved and will ever love I have chased away, all of society is waiting for me to marry and I don’t want a damn dress!” Tears well up in my eyes. But I’m so sick of crying I just want it to all go away.

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