Elf's Lament

Skippy buried his head in his arms on the workbench. He hadn’t had a break in over three months, and yet there was no overtime pay! There’s something wrong with this system, he thought miserably.

“Hey Skippy! Peak of the season, let’s get moving!” Skippy looked up into his benchmate, Perky’s, cheerful face. “Isn’t this great! Just doing this day in and day out, no breaks. What a job we have; thankless, but great!”

Thankless, yeah. Great? That was open to interpretation. Skippy’s little pointy ears perked up as an idea came over him. As he “worked” away, he began coming up with ideas for the inaugural meeting of the E.U. The Elf Union.

I make toys but I’ve got aspirations. Make some noise, use your imagination. Girls and boys before you wish for what you wish for, there’s a list for who’s been naughty or nice but consider the price to an elf!

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