The Blue and the Red

What is the difference between the blue and the red?

The more passionate and the less… each side cannot understand the other. How can someone not know love? How, once they have lost ‘love’ are they not devastated? Why are some not affected at all, when others are completely destroyed? This takes some pondering… How can someone just choose not to care? Do they really have a heart? Or is it just dormant?

How can one person listen to the beat, and the other to the lyrics? Can either of them change? What does it take to change a Red to a Blue? Can one choose to go back from a change of heart?
I am blue… I know this, but have I always been so? Do I want to stay like this? Yes, I do.

But… you could just be free. Free of any want or ‘need’. You wouldn’t need any of it, and you would never need anything to hold you up…

I shake my head. I can’t change who I am, though I think about it… God calls us not to let go, but to take part…

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