The Weekend in Lancaster pt 2

Clark and Peter walked to their room in the B&B. Clark opened the door, there were candles and flower petals all over the room. As they walked in to the room Clark gave the note to Peter, “she said not to give it to until we were inside the room.” As Peter read the note he had began to smile, “She said that she wanted us to have a good 1st year anniversary because it was such a long year for us,â€? Clark said.
They had begun their night by eating meal that was in the room. After eating, Clark began to run the water for a bath just for two. As they sat intertwined, Clark began to give Peter a massage. As Peter started to relax, Clark whispered into his ear, Peter I love you. As the night started to wind down Clark and Peter cuddled up in front of the fire; falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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