Looking Back (Sequel Challenge)

The sun, sinking down into the sea, cast a strange eerie glow on the land, making the sinister castle look even darker than usual.

A farm boy slunk towards the castle, his amber hair stuck out and his drab clothing made him look shrunken and small. He looked behind him regularly, anxiously, as if someone might be following him.

In fact, right behind him, was a man of slight build. His dark clothing let him drift seamlessly in and out of the shadows. He, too, was looking, but not behind. He was looking up.

Up in the third tower lay a woman. Not really a woman, for she was only fourteen. Her cheek bones were pulled tightly over her face, giving her a pained look, and she was impossibly thin, but everything else about her was perfect. Her dark hair flowed around her face, and her closed eyes. Her breathing was shallow and labored.

Right outside the door stood a man in a white coat and trousers. He put his ear to the door, and then, as if satisfied, he turned and strode back down the corridor.

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