The Weekend in Lancaster pt 4

With the sound of an alarm going off Peter and Clark had gotten up for the day.They took their shower together barley able to keep their hands to themselves.At 10:00 there was a knock at the door.Clark asking Peter if he could get the door for the room service.Peter went to the door only to see Lin behind a cart of food.With his shrieks of joy, Clark came into the room, “This must be the famous Lin that I have been hearing some much about.It is nice to finally put a face to the name.I told her that she had to stop by and spend some time.She was the one that set everything up.â€?
While hugging Lin, Peter thanked her for all that she did for the weekend.“I was wondering how Clark was able to set everything, it was you.â€?
Lin, “Clark wanted to do something special for your anniversary; asked if I had any ideas.He got my number form your phone.I helped out along the way, it was all him.â€?
With the day ending Peter and Clark headed back home. “Thanks you for a great weekend Clarkâ€?, Peter said, after kissing his man.

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