Black Carriage

The days go by painfully slow. Everything passes in aconfusing blur. It seems as though everyone is full with joy, while I’m stuck in my own hopeless encacment. Only times when Willow would takes down town would I find a state of something close to happiness.
I read on the front lawn, my hat tied securly on my head. I hug my parka closer as a cold breeze sweeps by. Each day gets closer and closer to Winter.The trees whisper with secrets and the town’s church chimes in the distance.
“It’s quite on the warm day today, don’t you agree Evelyn?” Karmedy speaks beside me. I nod, my thoughts far away. The scilence drags on. I stare out into the distance,wondering where Robin is right now, if he’s okay, and if he still thinks of me.
Suddenly I spot a black carriage making it’s way up my driveway. When it comes to a stop a figure comes out, it’s a man. I lift my head. As it comes towards me, I realize it isn’t Robin, but his father. He wears a look of deep thought and twisted emotion. My heart flutters with worry.

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