Instant Message Smiles

I sat at my computer desk and flicked Samson on, my talking boombox that read out words on the screen. He was, in my opinion, the worst and most annoying creation by man. He couldn’t pronounce the latest lingo like ‘lol’ or ‘rofl’, and if you mispelled a word he spat out ‘Error! Error!’ until you fixed it.
I sometimes wanted to chuck him clear across the room, but sending machines sailing in my house wasn’t allowed.
I logged onto my instant message and waited while Samson read out names.
“Nicole. Brittany. Peter. David.” I double clicked Peter’s name and quickly sent a message.
“Hi. Bear. Colon. End parenthesis.” His metallic voice read out.
I laughed. “Samson, you idiot, ‘colon parenthesis’ is a smiley.”
“Hello. Ava. Darling.” Peter responded. “I. Missed. You. Comma. How. Was. Your. Day. Question. Mark.”
I typed back. “My day was horrible, a man in a store made fun of me for my eyes.”
“I’ll. Kick. His-” I turned Samson off before Peter said the last word.
I laughed and Colon Parenthesis-ed.

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