I could feel them both crawling deeper, pushing their way past my labia and into my vagina. I gasped. All that squirming was really starting to excite me.

A few moments later, they’d pushed all the way up into my uterus. “Wow, it’s cozy in here,” Janie giggled.

“Nice and private,” the guy agreed. And then from the sounds and the sensations, they had jumped each other again, and the guy was putting part of himself inside of her the way they’d both put themselves inside of me. I didn’t mind—all their squirming and shoving around in there felt really nice.

“Hey…is it getting wet in here?” the guy wondered suddenly.

“I think it is,” Janie said. “Maybe we better crawl back out, huh?”

There was a little more squirming inside. “Oh, no…I think we’re sealed in.”

The squirming grew more frantic as they tried to find a way out of me—and that was all it took for me to climax.

The squirming and the muffled yelling gradually subsided into a gurgle, and a pleasant feeling of fullness between my hips.

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