Previous Night's Excitement

“Very interesting. Let me ask you, what was Eric doing at this point?” Sheila asked.

“After I found Lizzy, he was standing behind me, still white as a sheet. I looked at his hand, which was covered in red. Then I looked at the knife, and it had red on the handle. In my mind, I put two & two together. I accused him of murdering her, but he loudly protested, saying he’d never do such a thing. I asked him to explain the shattered vase, the knife, & the blood, but he just ran from the penthouse.”

I couldn’t believe the story that had unfolded before me. It was unlike anything I’ve ever heard of, apart from books. Sheila, however, was unfazed by the fantastic events laid before her.

“How long was Lizzy ill?”

“About a month ago she started showing symptoms. It was just last week she started coughing.”

Sheila pondered. “And this event occurred last night, I take it?”

Jenna balked. “Well, yes, but…”

“It’s all in your face. There’s a certain demeanor people have when upset by a previous night’s excitement.”

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