A Hell of a First Day

“Have you contacted the police yet?” Jenna shook her head. Good. I will be over early this evening to investigate. Is everything set as it was last night?” She nodded. “Very good. Now let me ask you something, Ms. Hawking. Do you think Eric did it?”

She stood up, nearly appalled. “Of course I do! How do you explain the knife & the blood?”

“All in good time. I must gather the facts before I can draw my conclusions. I will just need your address & to set a time.”

“Now then, James Watt,” Sheila began after Jenna had left, “what do you think happened?”

“I don’t know. The facts seem to point to Lizzy’s murder & Eric’s a jailbird-to-be.”

“There are, unfortunately, a few gaps that are inevitable with an oral account, but it’s good that she didn’t get the police involved yet; they would’ve messed everything up, moving things around. But after I gather my data they can do all they want.”

My roommate laughed to herself. “Quite the first day for you, isn’t it Watt?”

I smirked. “This is a hell of a first day.”

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