Admiring never hurt

The Thunder vibrated in my ears, made my heart feel like it was cracking. I looked up at the bright, electrifying colors in the sky, I guess people were can find beauty and the most hazardous places.

The electric pink lightening was like hot fluid flowing the crevices of a sold.

The outlines were fuzzy and the silhoutee of the trees gave it more of a picturesque feel.

Stood there..admiring what no one else felt to look at..

I watched, waited, imploded, devoted, and adored.

I made my way to the bright city lights bustling with fabricated excitement..

Everything can change when you least expect it

Just then, a figure pushed past me knocking some of the coffee he or she was holding to splash everywhere.

“Oh, Im so sorry” British accented man said.

“It’s quite fine..sorry, I was just looking up at the sky” I said with a bad choice of words.

“Most people don’t do that they? Everything got dark around us.

Everything can change when you least expect it…

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