Examination, pt 1

That evening, I shrugged into my NorthFace while Sheila swung a wool coat around her shoulders, & we headed out to the Lexus Building.

The penthouse was on the top floor, & Jenna nearly ran down to meet us. “I still haven’t touched anything,” she said hurriedly. Sheila nodded with satisfaction as we were shown into the apartment.

She led us to the kitchen, where her roommate still lay motionless. I clutched my sides in shock.

“Oh come now Watt,” Sheila scolded, “I thought you had a stronger stomach!”

“It’s not that,” I exclaimed. “I know her! I saw her perform in London last year!” This brilliant pianist, gone. I hadn’t recognised her name, but I knew her face & profile anywhere.

Sheila, unabashed, examined the poor girl. She carefully examined her head, running her fingers near the temple. She turned her attention to the vase, drawing invisible lines and muttering to herself. Leaning in very closely, it seemed that she took a sniff near Lizzy’s mouth. Shaking her head, she moved on.

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