Examination, pt 2

She circled Lizzy several times, stopping abruptly to tilt her head or crouch to get a different angle. She picked up the knife (it almost stuck to the floor; I tried not to shudder), studied it, then replaced it.

“May I look around the rest of the apartment?” Sheila asked. Jenna nodded. Surprisingly, the first places she looked were the dishwasher & the silverwear drawer. She closed them, nodding to herself. She then set off tracking the speckled path of blood back to the piano.

“Have you been in this room at all today?” she asked, not taking her nose from the carpeted floor. Jenna shook her head. “Very well. You know, new carpet is perfect for print indentations.”

Jenna blinked. “I just had it put in last week.”

Sheila kept circling and circling, muttering to herself, drawing invisible lines, & endlessly pacing.

Finally, she clapped her hands and declared to have sufficient data at this point. “I will call if I need more. Now Watt, let us go downtown for something to eat, and for discussion.”

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