I miss you.
I miss you.

I keep… remembering you. I keep thinking about… thinking about everything. Everything that used to be. Everything we used to be.

I keep wishing it would come back. I keep wishing… things were different, and you were still here.

I miss your arms. I miss them around me, hugging me. I miss you actually looking into my eyes, instead of down at the floor.

I miss dancing with you. Silly, but I do. I miss dancing with you, and just… feeling your presence. Right there. With me.

I miss laughing with you. That laugh. God, your laugh and mine, together…
Music. It sounded like music to me, like they were meant to be together

I miss that look you used to have in your eyes when you looked at me. Like you cared about me. Like you were happy to be with me. Like you chose to be there with me. Like you wouldn’t be anywhere else. Like you loved me.

I miss you.
God, I miss you so much.

I miss you missing me.

And I hate that I can’t forget you like you forgot me.

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