Explanations, pt 2

“Now to the vase. I noticed that Lizzy staggered through the main room & accidentally knocking into the high shelf on which the crystal vase was set. She was knocked off balance, collapsing near the shelf in the kitchen. The vase happened to fall next to her. Besides, there was no impact mark on the poor girl’s head.”

“But what about the blood on Eric’s hand?” I asked urgently. I was enraptured by her ease of uncovering the unseen.

“You’re keeping up Watt, I’m impressed. Eric, I assume, was surprised by the sound of a great deal of liquid in Lizzy’s chest. From the timeline of illness events and the corresponding symptoms, I recognised tuberculosis. One common symptom after about a month is coughing up blood. She got up from the piano, trying to somehow relieve the cough. I also assume that she may have collapsed because that’s when she desisted her existence.

“Poor Eric tried to clean up some of the blood, first using his hands. He changed his mind and switched to the only clean utensil handy.”

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