I danced until my high-heeled shoe broke. The noise of loud music pounded through my head and I started feeling dizzy as I decided to quit for the night. I limped off the dance floor, grasping my shoe in my hand. I’d worry about the money spent and wasted later. Right now I had to get a drink.
I made my way to the refreshment table, weaving my way throughout the throngs of people. I grasped onto a cup of lemonade and started gulping. Soon, my thirst was quenched and I could focus again. I still had one hand on the table for support.
I didn’t notice the tall, muscular blonde walk up next to me. I watched everyone move on the dance floor. I smiled to myself.
“So you’re a dancer?”
I looked up, startled. “Oh…yeah. It’s really awesome.”
I looked at his face for another minute. Deep blue eyes, shaggy blonde hair, defined jawbone…
I took a breath, realizing it was Matt Daily. A senior. A soccer and basketball player. He was H-O-T.
wow I was sounding so superficial.

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