Sounds and Smells

I put up with Samson’s monotone voice until I could bear it no longer. I said a quick goodbye to Peter, then ran down the stairs to the kitchen, narrowly avoiding the cat. I tripped over the darn animal almost all the time- I couldn’t hear her soft pitter-patter feet very well. She would lounge across the bottom step on the stairs, and many a time I had stepped on her obliviously.
If you ever go blind, do not get a cat.
I yawned, stretched, and open the fridge door in search of something to eat. The first tupperware I pulled out smelled abosolutely foul, and I tossed it in the trash not bothering to feel what it was. The second tupperware smelled strongly of citrus, and this time I put a triangle-shaped morsel in my mouth. Mmm, grapefruit.
I used to have the hardest time guiding a fork to my mouth when I first went blind, like when the doctor asks you to close your eyes and touch your finger to your nose. I would often end up with food everywhere but my mouth.
Then, a sound outside caught my attention.

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