We'll say goodnight to a closing skylight(manwhore series)

“Well, you see…I was going to do that myself, you..he..he doesn’t deserve your tears..and well..Kieren is still fired up..I’m..just so satisfied now” He said with a smile on his face.

“Well then, I kind of feel bad for Shaneâ€?

Just then my phone vibrated again…probably Bailey..

“Ahh..hold on Ayd, it’s probably Bailey.â€? I groaned.

“Ha, okayâ€? He said.

I opened up my phone and saw that it was from Shane…not Bailey.. Damn..

Im so so so sorry, hws Lark? is she ok? tell Kieren not to pound me… to me.. He said.


Cant do anything bout Kieren, hide? Lark’s fine, I’m with her I almost wrote with Aydan but decided not too, he could get the good news himself on Monday.

ugh..fine..soo…I fnd out tht nikki wz a I am smrt.. ha..he was still preoccupied with his own life..

What.ur out of grls nw? I texted back, angling my phone carefully so Aydan couldn’t read it

lol, of corse not, I got lke 7lft :) thinking bout doin it.. he texted back

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