Cut you a new smile

“Fay?” Jake said.

“Fay? Earth to Fay..Jake to Fay?” I finally snapped out of my reverie and looked at Jake.

“Uh..sorry..Fay to Jake?” I said confused.

“You okay?” He asked concerned

“Ya, sorry, I just don’t do well in scary movies”

“Oh, Im sorry, next time I promise we’ll pick a lighter movie.”He said

“K” I simply said.

The whole movie I stared idly at the screen..wondering what was so suspicious about Anne groping over Craig..

Nothing’s wrong..
Oh my god..yes there is
Paranoid freak!!
Shut up!
I know look where I am..talking to myself when theres a gorgeos guy sitting next to me..

Okay, I’ll just have a nice talk with Anne after this..we’ll have a sleepover.

“Fay..Fay..” A voice said…Jake?


“the movie’s over dollface” Anne said loudly.

“Oh, i Knew that..I just..Uh..the credits are my favorite!” I argued.

“We are never going to the movies again…” Anne and Jake said in unison.

I saw Craig staring at me from behind Anne..

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