12: Free Fall

Gordan pulled a white table cloth over Andy and whispered a prayer.

Kathrine and Greg Piles ran out of the quarters after the 2nd cannon shot, to find the air much thinner and colder. The air was no longer blowing in their faces, but down on the top of their heads. Greg looked over the railing into a black abyss. They both ran back into the quarters.

Captain Ronald and Sid Daughtry stood in the helm, watching the following JAB slowly rise into the air.

“Ron, we’re not getting any farther away from her like this. What are you trying to do?”

“Oh, Sid, the Red Bell may not have a the cannon, or the speed, but none of those are needed to cripple a JAB .”

Soon, the clouds seeped into the Red Bell’s windows, and the following JAB was still climbing below her. Ron gave an order.

“Evan, release the air pressure and cut all engines.”

Evan pulled a lever, followed by a loud hiss as the Red Bell began to free fall towards the sea.

On board the “Sky Saint”, the command to drop was also given.

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