Forgive me, Baby

Forgive me, baby, for I forgot your poem yesterday
Forgive me, love, for letting my attention slip away
And so now I write two for you today
Forgive me, sweetie, for not writing your poem yesterday

I’m writing and you’re on the phone, if you can tell
You know I can’t multi task very well!
Girl, you’re just so silly
With all these questions you’re askin’ me

Just wait til’ I’m finished with this
Then my voice you won’t have to miss
You’re impatient, but you’re still muh love
And the one right now I’m thinking of

So, forgive me, baby, for forgetting your poem yesterday
And let me make it up to you with two today
I love talking of all the things we do
And I really wish I never had to hang up with you…

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