The girl looked down at the floor with blood dripping down her face. She breathed hard, trying to get oxygen into her lungs. Everything around her was spinning. Her head was in pain. Each hit to the head only made the pain worst. She was giving 24 hours to live but now those hours were up and her final moments were coming to an end. She lifted her head and looked at the red dead flowers. They were as red as her blood and as dead as she soon would be. The muscular man with the black hood over his face covering every inch of it but his eyes started to laugh. He pointed at the flowers and said, “See them damn flowers girl? We will put them on your dead body once this is all over.â€? He laughed even louder and then stop, spitting right into the bloody face of the girl. She looked up and gave on last smirked at him. His body stained in her blood, her face covered in the blood she shed. She glared at him and weakly said “Please…â€? The man took his hand and slapped her across the face sending more blood into the air.

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