The Balconey- The Trust Test

I stared at Brent the sailboat a little longer before asking, “So where are you going?”

We are going sailing.”

“We?” I was somewhat surprised. Doesn’t Brent know that my mother would say no to this indefinetly?

“Yes we. Is there a problem?”

“It’s just…I don’t think Mother will approve.”

Brent rolled his eyes, “Don’t think about what she wants. What do you want?” You, I thought to myself. I sighed, “How do I get down? There’s no way my mother will allow me to do this.” Brent moved closer to the balconey, “Jump.”

“What?!” I cried in fright.

“Relax, I’ll catch you,” Brent held his arms out. At first I was unsure…until I saw the big yet lean muscles flex under the skin of his arms. “Ok,” I agreed nervously.

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