Molten Lava

“A lava lamp?” said Max as they strode into the Wal-Mart nearest the cafe. Though the store was empty, the parking lot was full. “You think we can save the world by just building a lava lamp?”

“Not just any lava lamp, my naive young friend,” said Fender. “The ULTIMATE lava lamp.”

“And what will make our lamp the ultimate version?” said Max.

“Well, ours will use only a certain expensive type of bulb,” replied Fender. “Oh, and it will glow black rather than the typical red or orange.”

“Oh, right then,” replied Max. He would certainly die in the company of a mad man but at least he will have built something in the process.

“Enough!” said Fender. “We need to act. Fetch me a black felt tipped marker, alcohol, a glass jar, plywood, and an empty can of pork and beans. Dispose of the beans as you wish. I’ll be in the parking lot, planning our next move.”

Twenty minutes later, Max came running out of Wal-Mart, supplies in hand. “They only had navy blue markers.”

“In that case, we’re doomed,” said Fender.

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