A Figment's Plan

“Leslie!” I cried. “You’re okay!”
“More’r’less,” she replied. “What you’re seeing right now though’s a figment.”
“A what?”
“Never mind. Hate to say it, but I got caught.”
What?” everyone cried in dismay.
“I know. I made a stupid mistake, & now I need help.”
“We’ll come right for you,” Leo declared.
“No; if I can’t beat these guys, what makes you think you can? Besides, if they got me out, they’re probably after Cody.” Her figment paced.
“What do we do?” Mike asked.
“There’s an old friend of mine down by the Village, Alex O’Malley. If Mike & Dan can convince him to help, that may be just enough. Think you guys can do it?” We nodded.
“Roger & Leo, you keep a close eye on Cody, alright?” They nodded.
“C’mon, we have some persuasion to do!” Mike beckoned enthusiastically.

“Alex O’Malley?” I asked upon finding someone at the address Leslie had given us.
“Who wants’t’know?” he grunted. “Do I know yehs?”
“Well, no,” Mike answered.
In a flurry Alex was holding Mike by the collar against the wall.

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