The Poor Boy Rich

He heard a rapping at his door that was so quiet it was as if the person knocking were too shy to make such a noise. He put his tools down in the garden he was tending to and stood up. His denim overalls were covered in mud but he brushed them off as best as he could. He walked over to the door and glanced down at his watch. Noon. This is no such time for a friend of mine to stop by. Who could it possibly be? He opened the door and at first saw no one. Then he looked down and noticed a small boy that was as dirty as pig and as skinny as twig.
“Excuse me sir, but do you have an egg to spare?” he asked quietly. Never once did he look up into the mans eyes.
“Son, where is your family?” the man asked.
“I have none sir.” said the boy.
“Then who is to care for you?” the man demanded.
“No one sir.” the boy replied
“Then how are you to survive?”
“I live off the land and care for myself sir. I am fine and full”
“Then what is this egg for?”
“My dog sir” the little boy said as he turned to his dog

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