The End of the Road, the 500 Ficlet Farewell

Here’s where the new road starts. I have gone as far as I wanted to go on this road, and I’m glad I could do it.

Six months. Thirty days. Five hundred ficlets.

I never thought I’d make it this far, thought it to be out of my mortal reach. But I did. I did what I thought was impossible. And I’m happy that I could acomplish all this before time ran out.

I will not give up writing; by no means, no. I will stay in contact, I will keep writing, I will keep a sharp eye out for new opportunities.

To everyone who has touched me, inspired me, made me think: I thank you.

I will stay on the corner for a while. I will still encourage until the end. And when the sunset comes, I’ll move along.

All good things must, unfortunately, come to an end.

Hopefully, there’ll be something else good to come along and act as another spot. But not to take its place; nothing will ever take its place in my heart.

I close the book and shoulder my load, satisfied.

I have gotten up and did what needed to be done.

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